Andy Sanders

Ph.D Student
Thesis Advisor: Bill Goldman
Mathematics Program
University of Maryland at College Park

Current (and future) Research

I am primarily interested in Geometry, Topology (<5 dimensions) and Analysis. I have began research on understanding the refined picture of Minimal Surfaces in Quasi-Fuchsian 3-manifolds (and their geometric limits) and connections with Teichmuller theory. As a graduate student, I have been interested in various moduli spaces (Higgs Bundles, Yang-Mills connections, Teichmuller space).

Contact Info:

Office: 4106 Mathematics Building
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742-4015

Email: andysan (at)


Domains of Discontinuity of almost-Fuchsian groups, Preprint

In this paper we prove that the domain of discontinuity of an almost-Fuchsian group has a much more restricted structure than that of a general quasi-Fuchsian group. Using this result, we show that there are no singly or doubly degenerate geometric limits of almost-Fuchsian groups.

A complete proof of the Dehn-Nielsen-Baer Theorem

This is an expanded proof of the Dehn-Nielsen-Baer theorem which was expanded from the proof presented in the book "A Primer on Mapping Class groups" by Benson Farb and Dan Margalit. This was jointly written up with Jeff Frazier a few years ago. There is nothing original, but it might be a useful resource for someone learning this theorem for the first time.

Current Teaching

I am supported by the Ann G. Wylie graduate school dissertation fellowship for the Fall of 2012.

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