AMSC/CMSC 460, Section 0101, Fall 2012 (Harland Glaz)

HW 1 and HW 2 are posted on ELMS AND sent to the Reflector
Off. Hrs. next week: Tu/Th as usual AND W/F by appt (PM)
Class email reflector ; I use it; check Testudo .

GENERAL DESCRIPTION:The official Math Dept. course description is here - AMSC 460 SYLLABUS
Prerequisites: Math 240 and Math 241; CMSC 105 or CMSC 106 or CMSC 114 or ENEE 114.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: We cover numerical methods for solving

TEXTBOOKS: We will use TWO texts --
Textbook (required): Numerical Methods: Design, Analysis, and Computer Implementation of Algorithms, Anne Greenbaum and Timothy P. Chartier, Princeton University Press, 2012, ISBN: 978-0691151229.
Textbook Web Site

Textbook (required): Numerical Computing with MATLAB, Cleve Moler,
Textbook Web Site
where you can download the entire text AND the m-files;
SIAM link to order hardcopy (recommended),

Homework: TBA - general instructions/comments will be inserted here.
Academic Integrity You should be familiar with the University's policies on Academic Integrity, including the Honor Pledge.

TESTBANK (the Math Department's online archive of past exams)

MIDTERM DATES: FINAL EXAM -- Saturday, December 18, 2012 ; 1:30 -- 3:30 PM

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