Additional Information

Focus Program on Quantum Groups and
Noncommutative Geometry at the Fields Institute

The program for the Focus Program can be found at the program web page.


This program is supported by the Fields Institute, with help from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, and also in part by the US National Science Foundation, grant number DMS-1266158. Participants who think that they might be eligible for NSF support should fill out and print this travel expense form and send it with original receipts to

Travel Coordinator
Department of Mathematics
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742-4015

Please attach a cover letter explaining that this is for the Focus Program on Quantum Groups and Noncommutative Geometry and giving the funding source, NSF 1266158, FRS Account Number: 524096. Also explain whether you are a grad student, postdoc, or faculty member, give your affiliation, and explain your interest in the Focus Program (for example, "The Focus Program is related to my current thesis research under the direction of xxx on the subject yyy"). The form has a line for a per diem for food. The default amount is $42 per day. Please use this amount for now and we might be able to increase it later, depending on how many applications for funding we receive. (The official government per diem for Toronto is higher.) Thus there is no need to save receipts for meals. When it comes to air travel, a printout of an eticket is sufficient if it indicates how the ticket was paid for. (There needs to be something something like "charged to MasterCard xxxx".) The original receipt is required for the hotel or residence hall.

Not every US participant who asks for support will necessarily get what he or she requests, but we will try to do what we can within the constraints of available funding. First priority will go to students, postdoctoral researchers, and junior faculty.

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