MATH 113

Course Information 

University of Maryland, College Park

FALL 2017

  Course Chair:  Jacqui Stone     (

Math Department Tutoring is available during the semester in room 0301.  Tutoring is also available through Math Success.   See links below for Math Department and Math Success tutoring schedules.

Remember that tests and quizzes are based on both text homework on the syllabus and MyMathLab online homework (except for Freshman Connection classes.  Always check the answers to the text homework with the answers in the back of the book.  Check out the testbank (see link below) as you review for tests and quizzes.


REQUIRED TEXTBOOK:  ALGEBRA AND TRIGONOMETRY, Third CUSTOM EDITION FOR THE UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND.  You can also use 1) the Etext that comes with the MyMathLab onine homework (see below), or 2) the text Algebra and Trigonometry, Blitzer, 5th edition.  NOTE:  Freshman Connection classes can use the custom edition or the 5th edition (etext or regular) without the MyMathLab online homework.

Textbooks    (click on 'Textbooks' to see a picture of the custom text)

Math 113 Syllabus (this syllabus is for the MWF classes.  FC classes will    

receive their syllabus from their instructor).

For classes using MML:  See the MY MATH LAB online 

homework video, to help you get started

Extra Practice with Factoring: Page 1, Page 2, Answers.

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