We live in the greatest free market economy in the history of the world. This requires that each of us, as citizens, must continually make decisions that seriously affect our financial well-being. These include simple but life-critical matters such as: can I afford the payments on that car; or, if I need to borrow $150,000 to buy that house what will my monthly payment be; or how much do I need to put away each month if I am going to pay for my daughter to go to Harvard in 15 years? And then there are more sophisticated questions like: how much should I contribute to my pension plan; or, will my family be adequately protected by the amount of life insurance I am carrying; or, is that stock overvalued? I never learned the answers to any of those questions in school and I'll bet neither did you. But if you are old enough, you certainly have had to learn them as your life has evolved. And if you haven't, this book is for you. It will help you to overcome your math phobia and teach you to do a few simple computations that will enable you to make better financial decisions.

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