Math 246: Online Resources

Spring 2015, Section 01XX, Professor Ron Lipsman

The availability and use of online resources for undergraduate math courses is increasing rapidly. In fact, in this course, we have abandoned the classic textbook that we used for decades and adopted a set of online Class Notes as the main text. In addition to hyperlinked text and embedded graphics, the online Class Notes also contain a robust set of problems (with worked out solutions) for students to consult.

Out of class communication will also be conducted largely online. Students may email Dr. Lipsman in lieu of seeking his advice during Office Hours. In addition, periodic course announcements will be made on Canvas, roughly once or twice per week (pertaining to, e.g.: day of the weekly quiz; posting of study outlines; exam data, etc.). If you are accessing this course page through Canvas, just click on "Announcements." Otherwise, click here.

Two further types of online resources have been created for use by students -- Videos and MATLAB Presentations. The former are modeled to some extent after the very popular Khan Academy videos. The latter are MATLAB M-files, which students can run (of course within the MATLAB software program). Both of these resources are intended to supplement the Class Notes. These resources are found in the Internal Links boxes of the main page in the Class Notes. Alternatively, the videos may be accessed from a single comprehensive listing found

Students will also note External Links boxes on the Notes main page. In those, students can find links to Khan Academy videos as well as to ODE online resources that have been developed by Professor A. Mattuck at MIT and by Professor Paul Dawkins at Lamar University. (The latter go under the name Paul's Notes.) Specific items in the repertoire of these sites have been selected for you, but if you would like to consult the ODE portion of their sites more generally, then see: