Sean Ballentine

About Me

I am currently a third year graduate student at the University of Maryland studying mathematics.  I am  currently studying topics in algebraic geometry and algebraic number theory and hope to do research in one of those topics.




Fall 2011—Math 246—Differential Equations

Spring 2012—Math 461—Linear Algebra for Sci. and Engin.

Fall 2012— Math 213—Elements of Geometry and Measurement

Spring 2013—Math 240—Linear Algebra

Fall 2013—Math 241—Multivariable Calculus (Calc III)




Qualifying Exams

While studying for the qualifying exam I have tried to compile solutions for the exams as I completed problems. I have provided the solutions that I have finished or partially finished below. Please inform me of any typos/errors in my proofs so I can adjust them.

Find the solutions here.